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Kochi Aidad

Kochi Aidad – meeting place at the sea gate!

Port, as the sea gate of Tallinn, has always been an important place for the town. Through centuries there has been much activity in the port.

The warehouse complex on Lootsi Street is a remainder of the good times of Tallinn trading port – the second half of the 19thcentury. The warehouses that were built between the 1870s and I World War are known as Girard and Koch Storehouses, named after their original owners, Baron Girard de Soucanton and large merchant Koch. The old buildings, retaining the history of the previous century, have been renovated to a modern tavern-brewery, coffee shop and shopping and service centre.

Koch Brewery

At the heart of tavern “Kochi Aidad” there is a small brewery, which uses the best German and Czech equipment chosen by the most acclaimed Estonian brewer master, Enn Kärblane. Lagering and serving tanks used have been prepared by Czech, and kettles by German masters. The chosen control automation is the best by Allen-Bradley Compact Logix. Of course, these best technological solutions, knowledge and equipment enable to brew the best beer at Koch brewery!

The visitors of the tavern may follow the whole beer brewing process from start to finish.